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The Fake Invoice Scam

Triple check that invoice! It may be from someone hoping that you blindly mail them a check...


Are you getting invoices in the mail from businesses that seem rather unfamiliar to you? Do you swear that you manage the services for your own website domain names? You're not crazy! I for one like to believe that all people mean well and have good intentions but unfortunately, there do exist some bad eggs out there.

Anecdotally, one of my grandparents has their domain registered with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Yes, Google Domains is migrating to Squarespace. Neither here nor there, the domain name is managed in-house and no third party service providers are employed.

Lo and behold, an invoice arrives in the mail and I was requested to verify its authenticity. Here it is.

The Fake Invoice Scam

$288 for managing this domain? 😂 This particular domain is $15 for the year and automatically renews via a credit card.

The Fake Invoice Scam

Of course, I immediately recognize this document as fraudulent and confirm suspicions that someone out there is attempting to capitalize on the honesty and integrity of others.

Domain Listings Website Listing Service PO Box 19607 Las Vegas, NV 89132 commits fraud and scams people out of their money by searching for non-private ICANN WHOIS DNS registrations and mailing out fake invoices. Their strategy is hoping that people make out a check to them for services that they do not actually provide.

A way to combat this particular scheme is to utilize the privacy features provided by your domain registrar.

Often, this service is provided as a courtesy and costs nothing extra. Hiding your name, address and other personal information when managing your domain names can prevent unscruplous fraudsters from finding your listings in the public registry which prevents this type of fake invoice from arriving in your mailbox.

Stay safe out there!